Fibro-Fix Metabolic Energy Packets

Fibro-Fix Metabolic Energy Packets


(1 packet twice daily with meals)


The Fibro-Fix Metabolic Energy packets contain a combination of nutrients, botanicals, and nutriceuticals for the support of the increase in energy production and support of cellular mitochondrial function. This packet is designed by Dr. Brady to serve as the primary supplement protocol for those likely to be suffering from “functional/metabolic” issues that may have been misidentified as fibromyalgia, as described in his book The Fibro-Fix. They may also be helpful for those with “classic” fibromyalgia who also suffer from structural problems.

Fibro-Fix Metabolic Energy Packets contains: 

Fibro-Mag is a highly absorbable product that offers di-magnesium bound to malic acid, a substance naturally found in fruits and vegetables. Malic acid is useful for supporting the body’s energy pathways as it is involved in the process that derives adenosine triphosphate (ATP; the energy currency that runs the body) from food. Magnesium is an important mineral involved in over 300 reactions in the body, making it critical for optimal health. This product is made with non-GMO ingredients.

Mito-Fix combines a synergistic blend of nutrients, nutraceuticals and botanicals to help support natural, healthy energy production through the optimal functioning of the mitochondria, known as “the powerhouse of the cell.” A combination of environmental and food toxins, along with the natural aging process can cause compromised and decreased cellular function. The mitochondria are responsible for producing over 90 percent of the body’s energy for the cells and associated tissues. Therefore, providing additional mitochondrial support may assist with the overall health and vitality of cells and tissues.

The B vitamin family plays a vital role in metabolism, energy production and psychological health. Each individual member of Fibro-B has a distinct role in human physiology, ultimately helping to support many aspects of human health, including healthy blood glucose levels, steady energy, a positive mental outlook and proper red blood cell formation. Fibro-B™ contains vitamins that are already in their active forms, ensuring they are more easily incorporated into biochemical reactions. The folate in this product is a proprietary blend of naturally-occurring, active isomer folates. 

Carni-Fix™ supports the normal conversion of dietary fats to usable energy sources in order to assist in weight management, energy production, cardiovascular health and general wellness. It delivers a unique blend of two forms of carnitine (L-carnitine tartrate and acetyl-L-carnitine), in an effective 4:1 ratio. L-carnitine is particularly rich in dark meats, making this product especially helpful for vegetarians who may not be able to obtain significant amounts through their diet. Carni-Fix™ is made with non-GMO ingredients.