Fibro-Fix GI Packets

Fibro-Fix GI Packets


(1 packet twice daily with meals)

The Fibro-Fix Metabolic Energy packets contain a combination of nutrients, botanicals, and nutriceuticals for the support of the increase in energy production and support of cellular mitochondrial function. This packet is designed by Dr. Brady to serve as the primary supplement protocol for those likely to be suffering from “functional/metabolic” issues that may have been misidentified as fibromyalgia, as described in his book The Fibro-Fix. They may be used in combination with any other Fibro-Fix packet for those who also suffer from GI discomfort, to include gas, bloating, distention, cramping, and mild constipation and/or diarrhea.

Fibro-Fix GI Packets contains:

Probio-Fix offers a unique blend of pre- and probiotic organisms designed to support the healthy functioning of the lower GI tract and urinary tract. The prebiotics in this product consist of bacteriophages, which are benign organisms that consume bacteria. Probio-Fix is a dairy-free formula that allows for the population of healthy amounts of beneficial bacteria in the lower GI tract, which helps support healthy digestion and immune function. Unlike conventional prebiotics, which are typically non-digestible fibers, the bacteriophages in Probio-Fix do not produce the negative side effects of gas and bloating. Additionally, bacteriophages are effective in both the small and large intestines, while the efficacy of conventional prebiotics is usually localized to the large intestine. Including bacteriophages with probiotics helps ensure the survivability of the probiotics through the digestive process, so that they reach the lower GI tract intact. 

Immuno-GI™ contains colostrum, an exceptional nutritional substance produced by mothers for their newborns that provides a synergistic combination of immune and growth factors, amino acids, and other important nutrients which support the immune system and overall intestinal health. This product contains 575mg colostrum in every capsule and is sourced from healthy, nutritionally supplemented cattle raised in the U.S. on USDA and FDA certified dairy farms. These cattle are fed a carefully crafted diet containing a beneficial balance of grasses, legumes and various minerals in order to produce colostrum in a highly potent form.

Gluta-Fix™ is an amino acid with a vast array of functions and health benefits. Gluta-Fix™ has the unique ability to distribute nitrogen freely to the cells that need it most, which is an important characteristic since many cells throughout the body – including immune, gut and muscle cells – need nitrogen as fuel and as a basic building block. Thus, Gluta-Fix helps support the health and function of the digestive tract, the maintenance of muscle tissue, and the integrity of the skin, brain and immune system. Gluta-Fix also helps to support healthy blood sugar levels and aids in the production of glutathione, the main antioxidant in the body. This product contains 850mg of L-glutamine in every capsule.

Flora-Fix™ provides an optimal amount of a shelf-stable, freeze-dried form of Saccharomyces boulardii to support gastrointestinal health. This unique bacterial strain offers special protection against gastrointestinal complications arising from antibiotic use and helps to support healthy immune function. It is also useful for establishing healthy microbial colonies in the gastrointestinal tract and protecting against unfavorable microbes. Flora-Fix™ supplies S. boulardii strains naturally sourced from Litchi fruits. It is free of any dairy or lactose, and is made with non-GMO ingredients. This product does not need to be refrigerated.