Fibro-Fix 21-Day Detox Box™

Fibro-Fix 21-Day Detox Box™
  • Physician-designed shakes and supplements to support and increase metabolic detoxification
  • Great tasting individually-packaged shakes are packed with 18grams of quality protein and accessory nutrients critically-necessary for the detoxification process
  • Easy-to-digest non-GMO organic pea protein, and a comprehensive combination of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, fruit and vegetable extract, and herbs
  • Support the overall metabolic detoxification process, balancing phase I and II detoxification pathways, while offering antioxidant protection and promoting healthy elimination
  • Consolidated individual shake and capsule packets, and full program guide, make the program easy to follow

Fibro-Fix 21-Day Detox Box™ includes:

  • 42 Fibro Fix Foundational Detox Shake functional food packets
  • 42 accessory supplement capsule packets. Each packet includes:
    • 3 Detox Boost capsules
    • 1 FibroZyme capsules
  • 21 Day Fibro Fix Detox Program Guide Book - a detailed detox guide including a supplement schedule, sample menus, and suggested food and snack options
  • Fibro Fix Shaker Bottle

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